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Food Processing Technology
The first 4 color single camera optical sorter. FENIX optical sorter is the combination result of 40 years experience in vision systems and the latest technologies, in some cases developed exclusively by 3U Vision.

Robotic Palletizing – FOCUS Integration introduces an exciting new “modular” palletizing concept… CARBON. CARBON consists of modular units which can be assembled and put together like pieces of a puzzle to create a robotic palletizing cell. Unique with this puzzle is that each piece can go in any location and in any orientation to fit the layout requirements of each application.

X-Ray Systems

X-ray inspection systems detect all substances whose density differs significantly from the product being inspected. This way they identify impurities, air bubbles, breaks or other defects.

CASSEL Inspection X-ray scanners are equipped with over 40 algorithms to adapt them perfectly to every sinlge product you want to inspect. 255 algorithm pre-set options make the changing of products a fast and easy process.

All XRAY SHARK systems can be customized to your needs in hard- and software.

Metal Detectors

Metallic impurities in your product can always occur, no matter how careful your processes are. This makes it all critical to remove them in time before they can endanger production machines or even the customer. CASSEL metal detectors reliably detect all metallic contaminations and offer protection against machine damage, production downtime, unhappy customers or product recalls.

We protect your products – with 25 years of experience in detector construction.

Check Weighers

For complete product monitoring, CASSEL is supplementing its range of metal detectors and x-ray equipment with checkweighers from Teltek. Checkweighers ensure that the weight of a product is within specified limits. An optional rejection system removes all packages that are outside the tolerance range.

The Teltek checkweighers are available as a custom-made combination with our METAL SHARK metal detectors.

Multihead, Rotary, Linear & Bulk Scales

Weighing technologies are useful in the weighing and packaging process of nuts and dried fruits. The packaging process for fragile and sticky goods can be optimized through the application of special equipment. We offer a wide range of weighing equipment from multihead weighers, checkweighers, to fully integrated packaging lines, and everything in between.

CASSEL Inspection specializes in protecting valuable production machinery against damage caused by undiscovered metal parts. CASSEL also succeeds in quality control in the consumer goods industry. We strive to supply quality and high performance at a reasonable price.

We love to protect your machines, your products, your customer.

The fully automatic case former/case erector utilizes advances technologies to reliably form and erect a case each and every time. These machines can reach speeds of up to 30 cases per minute while reducing impact.


Tridyne designs, manufactures, services, and supports a complete line of competitively priced, dependable, high quality, automatic net weigh scales and bulk filling machines for carton, box, clamshell, blister-pack, poly bag and pouch filling applications. We offer manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic systems and can accomodate transitional systems as well. As a leader in the field of net weigh fillers and industrial bulk filling equipment, Tridyne is well-recognized in the packaging machine industry for its excellence, quality, dependability, state of the art technology, and material handling capabilities.

PFM Packaging & Machinery

The PFM Group produces a complete range of horizontal flowpack machines, vertical form fill and seal, multihead weighers andautomatic packaging lines to meet any need of flexible packaging for food and non-food applications.
Incline Belt Elevator

Dry, Fresh or Frozen Incline/Bucket Elevators

Incline/Bucket Elevators – The Ghazarian Welding Elevators are durable and low maintenance. We offer several belt types, including bucket, plastic and cleated. We will custom-design an elevator for your specific application. Ghazarian Welding will meet your requirements for capacity, type of product, infeed and discharge locations, and drive locations.

Electrical Control

We have many years of experience integrating new designs into existing automation platforms. Each specific application is reviewed by our highly technical staff. Each individual control panel is analyzed and designed not only to improve quality but also to help improve the output of the manufacturing process. All control panels are designed with cost effective methods in mind to help reduce installation costs, as well as to reduce the overall project cost.

Electrical Control Panel Processing & Communication

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