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Food Safety

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Food Safety

X-ray systems, metal detection, pasturization and optical sorting solutions for your food safety priorities. Built with cost-saving and optimal performance in mind.

The Thermo Scientific™ Xpert™ Heavy Duty X-ray Inspection Systems detect a wide range of foreign materials. They are robust solutions for larger cases, bags and trays. Seeing through thick, dense products is not a problem with these high-power systems. Three inspection widths are available to optimize performance in your production environment.

Overcome the limitations of fixed single or dual frequency metal detectors with the Thermo Scientific™ Sentinel™ Multiscan Metal Detector. By scanning up to five user-selectable frequencies running at a time, the Sentinel provides unmatched sensitivity and the highest probability of finding ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metal contaminants in challenging applications such as dairy, meat, poultry, bread, and other foods with high product effect.

Our machines are designed in accordance with the most exacting standards of food hygiene and excel in the most difficult of food sorting applications where the strictest levels of food quality and safety are demanded. Equipped with industry-leading technologies including high-resolution custom built cameras, InGaAs technology, PROfileTM technology, high pressure ejectors and optimised feed mechanisms, Bühler optical sorters deliver the highest yield and unmatched quality of products.
With over half a century of optical sorting design and manufacturing experience, each optical sorter in the Bühler portfolio demonstrates a total commitment to innovation, intelligent design, comprehensive testing, advanced components and superior manufacturing.

These latest innovations in sterilization and pasteurization were developed especially with the continuing salmonella problem in mind which has particularly hit the almond and walnut industry in the US.

The VWM SuperVAC is an air aspirating cleaning system designed to provide continuous, in-line separation and removal of impurities and defects in a wide range of food and other select products. Products such as raisins, spinach, peppers, garlic, lettuce, tomatoes, etc., can be easily sorted from undesired materials via the SuperVAC


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Chandler Automation: Food Processing Technology

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