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Sortex electronic sorters are accessible, have a stainless steel frame, and have a hygienic adjustable chute. They have a unique open receptacle and a State of the art detection system. These sorters feature LED Xenon foreground lighting and and LED background. The large user interface with 17inch screen simplifies user operation. Each machine operates with smart sorting capabilities with self learning features and SORTEX ProSortX operating software.

Flexible optical sorting solutions.

At all stages of the processing line.​

Bühler is a leading global supplier of optical sorting solutions to the food and non-food processing industries and has been at the forefront of pioneering optical sorting technology since 1947. With a commitment to substantial investment in research and development, Bühler’s proprietary sorting technology delivers excellent results in removing the most challenging defects and foreign materials in a wide range of applications. Nut and died fruit processors, whether primary or secondary processors, can be confident of world-class performance when placing Bühler’s SORTEX® optical sorters in their processing line for in-shell, natural, blanched and dried fruit applications.

Innovative technologies.

Leading the way through innovation.

SORTEX® BioVision™ Technology

Custom-built Visible Cameras

InGaAsHD Technology

PROfile™ technology

Intelligent Ejector technology

SORTEX® ProSortXTM operating software

The advanced SORTEX BioVision™ detection system is a unique configuration of detection technologies which includes BioCam™ combined with either high definition InGaAsHD, colour cameras, or both.
Innovative BioCam™ technology targets the spectral and spatial differences between the nut and shell, new high-definition InGaAsHD cameras detect foreign materials in the near invisible infrared spectrum and custom-built visible cameras remove colour defects including dark, rotten, yellow and spot defects.

Bühler’s high resolution colour cameras, which are designed and custom-built in house, remove gross and subtle colour defects and reduce aflatoxin contaminated kernels from a variety of applications to increase product quality, safety and uniformity.

The next generation infrared detection technology from Bühler now comes in high definition with double the resolution to detect foreign materials down to half the size. With twice as many pixels, InGaAsHD detects the smallest pieces of hazardous materials that cannot be seen in the visible spectrum for an added layer of assurance.

PROfile™ technology can intelligently detect and virtually separate touching objects, allowing for higher capacity shape sorting. It can also use a combination of multiple shape parameters to remove stems and under or oversized products at the same time.
SmartEject™ – high speed, high flow ejectors efficiently remove defects with pinpoint precision and accuracy. Ejector+ technology, Bühler’s most powerful ejectors are available on the SORTEX E and SORTEX F optical sorters to remove heavier objects such as stones and glass.
The latest update of Bühler’s proprietary operating software comes with a fresh new interface that’s modern, clean and intuitive to use. Featuring innovative FingerTipControl™ and all-new Bühler ATOM™ board for faster processing and navigation between screens.

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