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Inspection Equipment

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Inspection Equipment

Our inspection machines are packed with the latest innovations for unrivaled design, performance and usability.

For complete product monitoring, CASSEL is supplementing its range of metal detectors and x-ray equipment with checkweighers from Teltek. Checkweighers ensure that the weight of a product is within specified limits. An optional rejection system removes all packages that are outside the tolerance range.

The Teltek checkweighers are available as a custom-made combination with our METAL SHARK metal detectors.

Metallic impurities in your product can always occur, no matter how careful your processes are. This makes it all critical to remove them in time before they can endanger production machines or even the customer. CASSEL metal detectors reliably detect all metallic contaminations and offer protection against machine damage, production downtime, unhappy customers or product recalls.

We protect your products – with 25 years of experience in detector construction.


Weighing technologies are useful in the weighing and packaging process of nuts and dried fruits. The packaging process for fragile and sticky goods can be optimized through the application of special equipment. We offer a wide range of weighing equipment from multihead weighers, checkweighers, to fully integrated packaging lines, and everything in between.

XRAY SHARK® for optimum product protection

X-ray inspection systems detect all substances whose density differs significantly from the product being inspected. This way they identify impurities, air bubbles, breaks or other defects.

CASSEL Inspection X-ray scanners are equipped with over 40 algorithms to adapt them perfectly to every sinlge product you want to inspect. 255 algorithm pre-set options make the changing of products a fast and easy process.

All XRAY SHARK systems can be customized to your needs in hard- and software.


The new 3U Vision optical sorters allow you to eliminate all impurities, diseases and defects from seeds, cereals, legumes, and dried fruit in order to improve food quality and health; but also from plastics, minerals, glass and metals, for accurate and effective recycling.

We aim to create a technology that has the ability to capture even the smallest detail, to improve nutrition, health and the environment in which we live.


Just let us know what you are looking for and we will provide a complete solution to meet and exceed your expectations. 408.891.0575

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Chandler Automation: Food Processing Technology

Chandler Automation is a full-service processing and packaging solution  organization.  We pride ourselves on not only fitting your specific needs, but saving you money and increasing production quality and efficiency. Our clients choose Chandler Automation because we provide custom solutions designed with the latest technology and equipment with a proven track record of success.

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