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Robotic Palletizing

We provide solutions for your end of line automation, specializing in robotic palletizing. See what we can do for you to maximize the output of your production line.

FOCUS Integration introduces an exciting new “modular” palletizing concept… CARBONCARBON consists of modular units which can be assembled and put together like pieces of a puzzle to create a robotic palletizing cell. Unique with this puzzle is that each piece can go in any location and in any orientation to fit the layout requirements of each application. Each module includes provisions for safety fence sections, is easily accessorized, and is fully assembled prior to shipment. All customized cells are pre-wired, pre-programmed, and tested prior to shipment. This concept greatly reduces time and costs associated with equipment installation by installing in hours, not days. Pre-shipment factory run-off can be viewed through a secure web cam system.

FOCUS Integration introduces the perfect end-of-line palletizing cell… the CUBE. With the CUBE, FOCUS combines its vast experience with centralized palletizing and brings it to single end-of-line palletizing. The CUBE is designed to provide palletizing automation to lines that don’t fit the requirements of centralized palletizing either because conveyance is too costly or production rates are too low. These units ship on a single platform, install in hours, and are ready to run upon receipt. The CUBE’s revolutionary software program allows for ease of programming new case sizes along with pallet patterns…simply insert a new case and select the “new product” button and watch the robot scan the case size and generate pallet patterns to choose from. The CUBE can also be outfitted with options such as slipsheet placement and be completely conveyorized.

With recent advancements of AMRs and SLAM navigation, now is the right time to increase productivity and expand your safety margins..

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