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2021 & 2017 INC Innovation Award Winner: Qcify

About Qcify

Qcify is a dynamic young company built on decades of industry expertise. We employ Silicon Valley tech to bring the global food industry the innovated quality control it’s been waiting for. Based in California, we’re active on three continents and growing fast.

While today’s market demands more quality control than ever, the semi- automated solutions out there are still too prone to error and unreliable reporting. We take the human error out of quality control. Once you’ve entered your samples, our fully automated system takes care of the rest, providing you with highly accurate digital reporting. Our revolutionary use of product data has many applications and can help you optimize your processing line and manage your inventory.

The Qcify system goes far beyond current “semi-solutions” and manual labor in terms of efficiency, giving you a return on investment in less than a year. We also save you precious time and money by providing an arbitration tool to handle claims. This way you get to focus your resources on doing what you love to do: cultivating your product and your customers with passion and care.

The partnership between Chandler Automation and Qcify will allow California based food processors to fully automate their processes and implement data-driven total solutions.


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Chandler Automation: Food Processing Technology

Chandler Automation is a full-service processing and packaging solution  organization.  We pride ourselves on not only fitting your specific needs, but saving you money and increasing production quality and efficiency. Our clients choose Chandler Automation because we provide custom solutions designed with the latest technology and equipment with a proven track record of success.

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