Chandler Automation: Food Processing Technology


The Almond Company is proud to call VWM and Chandler Automation a preferred partner. Innovative, high quality workmanship, exceptional follow through, and INTEGRITY come to mind when I think about our experience with this company. Their knowledge, experience, and history in valley agriculture allow them to provide a fresh new look into processing solutions that were not available in the almond space until they arrived.

Scott A. Eastom
Chief Operating Officer

“We have 150 employees throughout the year, but need up to 700 during harvest. Finding employees has become difficult and it’s also getting more expensive to employ them. Büh-ler’s sorting technology has enabled us to keep our labor cost under control, plus I can trust the SORTEX F to accurately and reliably sort our figs 24/7.”

Kevin Herman
The Specialty Crops Company
Chandler Automation: Food Processing Technology

Chandler Automation is a full-service processing and packaging solution  organization.  We pride ourselves on not only fitting your specific needs, but saving you money and increasing production quality and efficiency. Our clients choose Chandler Automation because we provide custom solutions designed with the latest technology and equipment with a proven track record of success.

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